We welcome new members so why not attend one of our training sessions to see how you get on?  A Membership Application Form and a Standing Order Form (in PDF and Word formats) can be found on the Downloads page.


Please remember that all membership applications have to be Proposed and Seconded by a fully paid up member.




Annual membership fees are payable on 1st February of each year.  The current subscription rates are:


Initial subscription for all members:                                        £10 (£7 subscription plus £3 one-off joining fee)

Annual subscription for UK members:                                   £7

Annual subscription for overseas members:                          £10 (to cover additional postage costs)

Re-joining fee:                                                                        £10 (payable if you do not renew your subscription by 1st April and wish to re-join)

 If your subscription has not been received by 14th February, you will not receive a Year Book although a copy will be sent to you if your subscription is subsequently received.

If you do not already pay by Standing Order, please consider completing the Standing Order Form and sending it to your bank.  This will remove the hassle of remembering to write a cheque and send it off every year.  If you do not wish to pay by Standing Order, please make your cheque payable to Guildford Working Gundog Club and send it to the Membership Secretary:

Miss Jane Best, 1 Aston Villas, Wonersh Common Road, Wonersh, Guildford, GU5 0PP  Tel 07721 855470. Email