NOVICE,  21st March,  The Elvetham Estate,  Nr Hartley Witney

Judges: Toni Sanders,  Steve King,  Martin Bagg,  Ron Sills

1st:  Deerbridge Faro,  John Barnes, Awarded the Entonlee Trophy

2nd:  Tayfoldwoods Balalaika,  Pete Smith, Awarded the Hoopwick Trophy

3rd:  Casblaidd Little Archer,  Jo Hewison

4th:  Hesperides Sweetheart,  Penny Allanson-Baiey

COM:  Labcrown Osprey,  Len Herbert

1-Novice Elvetham10


SPECIAL PUPPY,  18th April,  Deerbridge House,  Elstead, Judges: Liz Stedall,  Martin Boxall, Roger Wade

1st:  Winkfieldrow Ash,  Alan Buckland, Awarded the Copsey Bracken Salver

2nd:  Winters Cranberry Sky,  Rob Smallman, Awarded the Rayleas Trophy

3rd:  Janfran Princess Polly,  Jane Trowell

4th:  Carolake Keep’em Charmed,  Joanne Tomlinson

COM:  Bellaroyal Summabreeze,  Isabel Whitfield

1-special puppy10


INTERMEDIATE,  23rd May,  The Hampton Estate,  Seale, Judges: John Stubbs,  Mark Lucas,  Nick Potts

1st:  Quabrook Tillyrie,  Terence Hart Dyke, Awarded the Gunner Cup

2nd:  Leospring Atomic Man,  Chris Rose

3rd:  Leospring Atomic Power,  Joy Venturi Rose

4th:  Barnsbrook Horus,  Mike Fleming

COM:  Canaleigh Hot Gospel,  Carole Carter

COM:  Middlegate Smart,  Matthew Ager



NOVICE DOG/NOVICE HANDLER,  4th July,  Odiham Road,  Farnham, Judges: Rene Neeves,  Carol Buckland

1st:  Shelby Dodge Carasal, Martin Smith, Awarded the Foxhanger Trophy

2nd:  Brora Avrelius,  Jo Horler

3rd:  Brockweir Storm Petrel,  Sarah Forwood

4th:  Wootton Spice,  Sarah Eatwell

COM:  Fobbingacres Violet,  Nick Tempest

COM:  Canaleigh Long Island Iced T,  Patrick Tomlinson



VETERAN,  4th July,  Odiham Road,  Farnham, Judges: Rene Neeves Carol Buckland

1st:  Catcombe Calceolaria of Auro,  Roy Wort, Awarded the Thames Trophy

2nd:  Oakingham Monarch of Leospring,  Chris Rose

3rd:  Tarinomagh Tulka,  Toni Saunders

COM:  Riversway Bustle of Thealefarm,  Gay Marshall

COM:  Carpenny Arnie of Leospring,  Chris Rose



OPEN,  1st August,  Popes Oak,  West Sussex 

Judges: Tony Turner,  Barbara Kuen,  Joy Venturi-Rose,  Sue Berman,  Chris Rose

1st:  Tayfordwoods Special Envoy,  Ian Ford, Awarded the Challenge Cup

2nd:  Lumphinians Bobby,  Clare Wood, Awarded the Rollins Shield

3rd:  Kenmilfore of Storm,  Penny Allanson-Bailey

4th:  Hoffman Mr Chips,  Ken Green

C.O.M:  Oakvalley Black Shot,  Reuben Corbett

C.O.M:  Hailey Deacon,  Dawn Marks