GWGC Open Test –  19th August

Venue: The Elvetham Estate, Near Hartley Witney

By kind invitation of Sir Euan Calthorpe

Judges: Clare Wood,  Alan Buckland , Gilly Nickols, John Stubbs, Barry Tayllor

1st The Challenge Cup
2nd The Rollin Shield

1st Karen Higgison, Shadybugs Desert Knight,awarded The Challenge Cup
2nd Dawn Marks, Hailey Deacon, awarded The Rollin Shield
3rd Nikki Stranks, Woodland Way Skylark
4th Ian Ford,  Tayfordwoods Gryffindor
COM: England, Abney Ranger
COM: Wendy Glue, Incas First Whip
COM: Sarah Miles, Lomcovak Barra of Meonvalley


Gford Open12


At the above test we had a professional photographer present who took some excellent pictures.

If you would like to view these click here to connect to Captures Photography then go to find your photographs.  You will find the Open under Events. You will find that there are a set of photographs for each entrant.