Prize Winners and Judges - Open Test (11th August 2013)

Prize Winners and Judges – Open Test (11th August 2013)
What a fantastic day, what fantastic ground and what a fantastic group of people came together for our last test of the season. The weather was dry and warm and the tests were very well constructed they asked the questions that the handlers needed to answer. The results were very close not many points were lost by the winners over this five test competition. Congratulations to those who were placed. My sincere thanks go to Peter Clayton, Head Keeper for preparing the ground for us and to the judges, Barbar a Kuen, Colin Pelham, John Stubbs, Joy Venturi Rose and Clare Wood.


An enormous thank you to my helpers who have supported me throughout my first test season.   I hope that we can find more volunteers next season.


1st        Norlands Pintail          D Buckland

2nd        Tuscanni Viking          R Smallman

3rd        Cypher Black Cobra   P Buckle

4th        Kittsmead Raven        Chris Simmons

COM  ShadybugsDesertKnight of Lostal   K Higginson

Tayfordwoods Ambleside                  M King

Gowran Indigo Extra                          R Willatts

Heathergaye Herald                            C Damon

Tayfordwoods Twist of Lemon          I Ford


Winners of tests please remember to submit your report on the test that you won  I need them for the year book. Joyce Hinchcliffe

The full results spreadsheet may be accessed here Results Open 2013

A slideshow of photographs taken by Joyce can be seen here: