GWGC was privileged to hold its One Day Open Stake on the Ampton Estate today by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook and with the support of the Guildford Guns ably organised by our Chairman, Chris Geal. Thank you all for shooting for us today in rather challenging conditions.
A big thank you to Alan Hammond and the whole team at Ampton who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we were able to offer an opportunity to trial to our members.
Much appreciation goes to our fearless judges for their efforts today – thank you to Heather Bradley, Tim Brain, Jennie Hankey and James Bailey.
A huge amount of work goes into putting on a trial and I am grateful to my tremendous team of helpers that have made my job so much easier today – thank you to Lisa, Jude, Liz, Lauren, Luke and Lulu.
Patti Money-Coutts
COM – Ashlevel Tango – O/H Keith Bianchi
Gun’s Choice and Best Retrieve – Northglen Crumble – O/H Stewart North