Clive Bennett Photography 09/04/2022 

Guildford Working Gundog Club held a Novice Working Test at Knaphill Manor by kind permission of Mr Tom Slocock.

The judges for our four tests were Colin Pelham, Barry Taylor, Liz Taylor and Paula Graystone

 Clive Bennett Photography 09/04/2022 

1st with 75 points was GRB Elkshead Skye Of Heatherbound, handled by Lanesie Gould

2nd after a run-off with 74 points was LRD Lyebreach Golden Eagle Of Riverlily, handled by Abbie Reid

3rd after a run-off with 74 points was LRD Troddenmills Incognito, handled by Natalie Roy

Certificates of Merit were awarded to:

LRD Troddenmills If Only, handled by Robert Small

LRD Beggarbush Brook, handled by Chris Hutton

LRB Abbotsann Firefly, handled by John Scott

LRD Willowyck Brigadier Of Longcopse, handled by Ian Hamilton

All with 73 points

The raffle on the day raised £153.00 for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Thanks are due to Paul Stevens and Peter Buckle of the Knaphill Manor Syndicate, to all those who helped on the day, to Chris Geal, Lisa Murrell, Jane Best and Julia Reardon-Smith for organising the working test and to Colin Pelham for setting the test.

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